The Second Summit Forum and 2017 Second Editorial Board Meeting of the Journal, Hepatoma Research, were Successfully Held in Nanning, Guangxi Province, China

Published on: 3 Jan 2018 Viewed: 1368

The second summit forum and the 2017 second Editorial Board meeting of the journal, Hepatoma Research, were held on November 25, 2017, in the beautiful city of Nanning, Guangxi Province, China. This Editorial Board meeting was the third Editorial Board Meeting to be held in the journal’s history, the first being in New Orleans, in the USA in April 2016 and the second being in Rongcheng, in China in July 2017. The Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Professor Guang-Wen Cao, MD, PhD, chairman of the Department of Epidemiology, Naval Medical University, Shanghai, China, and Honorary Editor-in-Chief Professor Masao Omata, MD, Chief of Gastroenterology at the University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, along with 20 more Editorial Board members, participated in this meeting.


Professor Guang-Wen Cao presided over the opening of the meeting, and extended his sincere welcome to Professor Omata and other experts and Editorial Board members for taking time from their busy schedules to attend. Professor Cao then summarized the recent developments of the journal and expressed his appreciation to all the Editorial Board members, reviewers, authors, and journal readers for their support, and emphasized the aim of making Hepatoma Research a journal with an impact factor of more than 5.0 within the next three years.

During the meeting, Professor Masao Omata from University of Tokyo, Professor Rong-Qian Wu from Xi’an Jiaotong University, Professor Guo-Hong Deng from Southwest Hospital of Chongqing, Professor Feng-Min Lu from the College of Basic Medicine, Peking University, Professor Fu Yang from Naval Medical University provided brief updates on their recent research outcomes in hepatoma research, which stimulated discussion from the experts attending the conference. Professor Zhen-Hai Zhang from Southern Medical University, Professor Chun-Feng Qu from Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College, Professor Hong Tu from Shanghai Cancer Institute, Renji Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine and Professor Jian-Hua Yin from Naval Medical University presided over the discussions. Professor Jia Fan from Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, Professor Shu-Kui Qin from 81th Hospital of PLA, Professor Kenneth S.H. Chok from Department of Surgery, The University of Hong Kong, Professor Hui-Guo Ding from Beijing YouAn Hospital, Professor Hui-Chuan Sun from Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, Professor Jin-Ke Cheng from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Jian-Guo Chen from Qidong Liver Cancer Institute, Professor Xiao-Qing Jiang from Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital, Naval Medical University, Professor Tao Peng from Guangxi Medical University, Professor Zhi-Bin Hu from Nanjing Medical University, Professor Yong Yang from Chinese Medical University, Professor Yong-Bing Xiang from Shanghai Cancer Institute , Professor Yun-Fei Yuan from Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center, Professor Hong-Wei Zhang from Naval Medical University, Professor Chun-Hong Ma from School of Basic Medicine, Shandong University, Professor Deng-Fu Yao from Nantong University, Professor Bi-Yun Qian from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Professor Zheng Wu from The First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Professor Qing Xie from Ruijin Hospital, Professor Jian-Li Geng from Weihai Municipal Hospital and Professor Yan Wang from Southern Medical University were unable to attend the conference due to temporarily changed plans.


Following the academic discussions, the participants discussed the journal development in the past four months and provided valuable suggestions on the journal development next year. Journal Honourary Editor-in-Chief, Professor Masao Omata also gave his valuable suggestions on future journal development. And journal development plan in 2018 was made after the discussion. Finally, Professor Guang-Wen Cao, concluded the conference, and re-affirmed the academic achievements of all the experts and their contributions to the research content of Hepatoma Research, and thanked the Editorial Board members for offering their suggestions and contributions in achieving the journal’s goals for the next three years, specially thanked Professor Jian-Ning Jiang from Guangxi Medical University for her great support for this conference. The summit forum and Editorial Board meeting was successfully concluded.

Participants List (No Preference Ranking)

Masao Omata, University of Tokyo
Guang-Wen Cao, Naval Medical University
Rong-Qian Wu, Xi’an Jiaotong University
Guo-Hong Deng, Southwest Hospital of Chongqing
Feng-Min Lu, Peking University
Jian-Ning Jiang, Guangxi Medical University
Xiang-Mei Chen, Peking University
Jin-Hua Hu, 302 Military Hospital of China
Jun Zhao, Shanghai Oriental Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital
Zhen-Hai Zhang, Southern Medical University,
Chun-Feng Qu, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College
Jian-Hua Yin, Naval Medical University
De-Ke Jiang, Nanfang Hospital
Shao-Geng Zhang, 302 Military Hospital of China
Hong Tu, Shanghai Cancer Institute
Fu Yang, Naval Medical University
Nan Li, Shanghai Oriental Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital
Bao-Sen Zhou, China Medical University
Wen-Bo Yu, Fudan University
Yu-Chen Jiao, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College
Cun-Zhen Zhang, Shanghai Oriental Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital
Qi-Chao Huang (On behalf of Professor Jin-Liang Xing), Forth Military Medical University
Lan-Jing Ma (On behalf of Professor Yong-Zhan Nie), Forth Military Medical University
Li-Jun Jin, Managing Editor of Hepatoma Research
Si-Qi Li, Assistant Editor of Hepatoma Research