Aims and Scope

The journal focuses on all topics related to hepatoma, including its occurrence, development, diagnosis, and treatment. The coverage also extends to other basic and clinical studies related to surgery, internal medicine, cell biology, pathology, pathophysiology, immunology, genetics, pharmacology, etc

    Articles in the following areas are especially welcome:
  • Pathogenesis, clinical examination, and diagnosis of hepatomas;
  • Surgery, internal medicine, molecular biology, cell biology, pathology, pathophysiology, immunology, genetics, pharmacology, and other research areas related to hepatoma;
  • Treatments of hepatoma, including basic and clinical research on animal models, liver transplantation, molecular targeted therapy, interventional therapy, hepatoma treatment-related drugs, as well as clinical transition of the latest laboratory therapy;
  • Complications of hepatoma and their prevention and treatment.

The journal publishes the following types of articles: Review Article, Original Article, Case Report, Commentary, Editorial, Research Highlight, etc. Manuscripts with videos are welcome.