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CSCO Vice-chairman, Honorary Editor-in-Chief of Hepatoma Research Professor Shu-Kui Qin talks about development plans of Hepatoma Research

Published on: 12 Dec 2016 Viewed: 1332

On December 12, 2016, Fan Min, General Manager of OAE Publishing Inc.; Yu Dandan, Head of Publishing Department of Hepatoma Research; and Lisa Huang, managing editor of Hepatoma Research, visited Prof. Shu-kui Qin, Honorary Editor of Hepatoma Research and Vice-chairman of Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO) at Nanjing Bayi Hospital. They indulged in an in-depth exchange of issues regarding the development of the journal.

During the conversation, Huang Ling, gave a detailed report on the journal's seven ongoing, free-of-publication-fee special topics on liver cancer research, and the determination and confidence in making Hepatoma Research an internationally acclaimed journal. They also discussed the journal's editorial board during the conversation. After the report, Prof. Qin firstly affirmed the contribution of the 31 Chinese liver cancer experts and the other 91 international experts. Then, Prof. Qin pointed out that liver cancer examples are abundant in China, and valuable liver cancer research is being pursued by many excellent scientists. Based on this fact, Prof. Qin suggested that Hepatoma Research needs to expand its Chinese Editorial Board Member Team to promote the fast and effective spread of China's latest basic and clinical research results on the international academic platform. He will also encourage and call on scholars to join Hepatoma Research's editorial team to work together to highlight China's liver cancer research to the world.

Prof. Qin also pointed out that Hepatoma Research needs to spread Chinese scholars' important liver cancer research results to the whole world as fast and effectively as they can, to spread new progress of liver cancer research. As a suggestion, he recommended OAE Publishing Inc. to join the CSCO as a team member, introducing Hepatoma Research to more Chinese scholars through this platform, to make Hepatoma Research a more familiar journal to Chinese scholars thus broadening the article source and author team.

Finally, Prof. Qin Shukui added: "Hepatoma Research can also publish some guiding articles of liver cancer researches. For example, the guidelines of CSCO conference, which will be held in April, 2017, can be published on Hepatoma Research to promote the development of the journal as well as spread the present situation of liver cancer research in China."

After listening to Prof. Qin Shukui's suggestions and guidance on the development of journals, General Manager Fan Min expressed his sincere gratitude to Prof. Qin for his constructive comments on the development of the journal. He was confident about the future development of the journal. In the next stage, the editorial team of Hepatoma Research will follow the pace of Prof. Qin and forge ahead with a fighting spirit. With continuous innovation and the help and support of both local and international academic colleagues, OAE Publishing Inc. will build Hepatoma Research to be a leading English-language academic journal on liver cancer research in China and the world, making it a truly open, shared global “academic public tool” to enhance the international influence of Chinese liver cancer researches and contribute to Chinese international academic discourse power.

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