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A Special Interview with the Author of Best Paper Awards (Ⅰ)

Published on: 27 May 2022 Viewed: 522

"Hepatoma Research 2018-2020 Best Papers Awards" was announced on May 26, 2022. Prof. Giuliano Ramadori, the Executive Chief Editor of Hepatoma Research, won the Second Prize. We extend our warm congratulations to Prof. Ramadori.

On May 26, 2022, the Editorial Office was delighted to have a special interview with Prof. Ramadori. Prof. Ramadori shared his novel insights in his winning article "Hypoalbuminemia: an underestimated, vital characteristic of hospitalized COVID-19 positive patients?" with us.

In this review, the author summarized the two main mechanisms that act in reducing albumin serum concentration in patients with severe COVID-19-infection: (1) reduction in albumin synthesis due to reduced food intake; (2) inhibition of specific mRNA-synthesis in the hepatocellular nuclei induced by the direct interaction of the cell with the acute-phase cytokines. Most of the patients who were transferred from the emergency room to the ICU will likely have presented with clear signs of exsiccosis, hypotension, and eventually malnutrition, as testified by the low serum albumin levels. This should be highlighted in the guidelines for the initial supportive management of patients with COVID-19. If not recognized and promptly treated, progression to the second stage of the disease, with deterioration in respiratory function, will likely occur. The author evaluates that although albumin administration is not recommended in patients with low serum albumin levels being treated in the ICU, previous positive experiences with repeated administration of 200-400 mL of convalescent plasma showed positive effects in some critically ill COVID-19 patients.

We sincerely appreciate Prof. Ramadori for presenting this excellent article again. We welcome more scholars to submit high-quality papers to Hepatoma Research and share research findings to better promote academic development.

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