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Thank you letters from Hepatoma Research

Published on: 25 Nov 2021 Viewed: 693

The Editor-in-Chief Prof. Guang-Wen Cao and Executive Chief Editor Prof. Giuliano Ramadori of Hepatoma Research expressed their sincere thanks to all contributors of the journal, especially editorial board members, junior editorial members and all editorial office staff, for their hard work and great effort made in 2021.

Thank you letter from the Editor-in-Chief Prof. Guang-Wen Cao:

Thank you letter from the Executive Chief Editor Prof. Giuliano Ramadori:

Under the leadership of Prof. Guang-Wen Cao and Prof. Giuliano Ramadori, the journal has made fruitful results in 2021. The journal will continue to follow high and strict standards in future development, providing an academic platform for science sharing and communication.

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