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Hepatoma Research: Annual Report of 2019

Published on: 4 Feb 2020 Viewed: 1170

On January 20, 2020, Hepatoma Research's (HR) Annual Meeting was held in Xi'an, China. The HR Editorial Office gave a report on the development of the journal over the past year, which reads as follows.

HR published 44 articles mainly from China, USA, and Italy in 2019. Among them, 26 articles were from the special issues "Advances in the Early Diagnosis of HCC" organized by Prof. Jin-Lin Hou from China; "New Perspectives on the Diagnosis and Management of HCC" organized by Prof. Dalbir Singh Sandhu from United States; "Liver Cancer in Alcoholic and Metabolic Liver Diseases" organized by Prof. Darrell Crawford from Australia; "SBRT and Immunotherapy for the Management of HCC: A recent Appraisal" organized by Prof. Jia Fan from China; and "The Interplay between Direct-Acting Antivirals and Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Chronic Hepatitis C" organized by Prof. Ming-Lung Yu from Taiwan.

The quality of articles in 2019 has greatly improved thanks to the establishment of more special issues and a more scientific, rigorous peer-review process. The distribution of the authors' countries in 2019 is shown as below:

By December 31, 2019, all papers had been read 136,718 times and downloaded 38,237 times. Compared with 2018, the reading quantity increased by 67.77% and the download quantity increased by 107.08%. The maximum reading quantity for a single article is 2013, and the maximum download quantity for a single article is 544. The top downloaded articles during the last two years can be found below:

The readership of HR in 2019 came from 187 countries and regions. The detailed distribution can be seen in the following chart:

We established 14 special issues with experts from nine countries and regions in 2019. The details are as follows:

Furthermore, the Fourth Editorial Board Meeting of HR was held in Wuhan on December 8, 2019. During the meeting, the members looked back on the overall development of HR in 2019 and formulated its strategic plan for 2020.

The contributions and support from our Editor-in-Chief and all Editorial Board Members, reviewers, readers, authors, etc. in 2019 are greatly appreciated! In 2020, HR will focus on establishing more influential special issues, insisting on publishing high-quality articles, disseminating valuable articles to readers quickly, strengthening external cooperation, and actively cooperating with more well-known associations or conferences to improve the journal’s influence and promote the development of this field together. The year 2020 brings a new beginning, and we will continuously provide the best service for all readers and authors!

Respectfully Submitted by the Editorial Office of Hepatoma Research.

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