Article Processing Charges

From March 1, 2017, all manuscripts submitted to Hepatoma Research are assumed to be submitted under the Open Access publishing model. Under this publishing model, when a paper is accepted for publication, authors are required to pay an Article Processing Charges. There is no submission charge as such, but only the publication processing fee after the paper is accepted for publication. There are no additional charges based on color, length, figures, or other elements. Payment of this charge allows Hepatoma Research to recover its editorial and production costs.
The publication fee details are as follows:

Journal Title
Article Processing Charges (USD)
Hepatoma Research (HR)
The following special discounts are offered to authors and editorial board members:
  • Editorial Board Members of Hepatoma Research are allowed TWO free publications annually. Subsequent submissions from Editorial Board Members are published at 50% discount of the standard publication fee.
  • Hepatoma Research provides an automatic waiver of Article Processing Charges to high quality research articles or reviews.
APC Waivers
We offer waivers to authors based in any of the following countries, which were classified by the World Bank  as low income countries or lower middle countries.
  • Low income countries. Authors resident in these countries may apply to receive up to a 100% waiver of the standard publication processing fee;
  • Lower middle income countries. Authors resident in these countries may apply to receive a 50% waiver of the standard publication processing fee.
If you are living in a developing country and need to apply for a waiver please email us with the following information:
  • Your name and institution with full address details
  • Reason for applying for a waiver
  • Title of your paper
  • Country of residence of any co-authors.
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